Your card is   a current

Mastercard  or  Visa

Please ensure that all information has been entered in the correct form fields

Name, address  etcetera.

When entering start and finish dates please ensure you

have deleted the mm (for month) and yy ( for year )

And enter the month  as     01  through to 12

and  only enter the last two digits of the year

 ie 2021 is entered as 21 and not 2021

The CVV number

(that silly three digit number on the Back of your credit card)

 is now required and if missing

Your payment  will be declined by the bank

And the whole order will be lost

The credit card processing companies  are now very strict on all aspects of internet transactions in an attempt to prevent fraud and a rejected payment is inconvenient for both yourself and

Acorn Bobbins

Please note that the system we have in place debits your card

when the order is dispatched and not when the order is placed

Acorn Bobbins - Carved bone and ebony bobbins. So finally if you have a list of the bobbins you require please                                       Place your order                      I apologise for all the inconvenience PLEASE   READ