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Pink Coral - £40.00

A bone bobbin with silver bands, set with Pink Coral

Acorn - Jewelled Bobbins - Pink Coral

Turquoise - £30.00

A bone bobbin with silver bands set with Turquoise

Acorn - Jewelled Bobbins - Turquoise

Opal Triplet - £35.00

A bone bobbin with silver bands set with Opal

Acorn - Jewelled Bobbins - Opal Triplet

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Acorn-Continental & Whithoff

A bone bobbin with silver bands set with Heamatite

Haematite- £25.00

Jeweled Heamatite

A bone bobbin with Large 7x5mm  Blue CZ            set with silver bands       £25 A silver banded bobbin inset with a         7x5 mm cameo   £20

Other stones  available

Peridot  Ruby

Sapphire  Amethyst

Garnet  Sunstone

Blue Sunstone